Where can I get some?

Whether your web application supports the upload of dynamic images, you deliver static images, or you display profile pictures fr

Things and concepts you should know:

  • Host or domain name where your static images are stored, if you are storing on AWS S3 it would be something like s3.amazonaws.com. Alternatively, it can be any domain name that serves original images to the web.
  • How large are your original images? If file sizes are over 500KB, you would likely want to either reduce image quality or reduce resolution to something that would look good and load faster on your mobile App or desktop. In many cases 150x150px resolution is a good size for mobile app thumbnails and 640x480px is a good medium size resolution, while 1200x800px should be considered ‘high-quality’ high resolution for most smartphones.
  • Imagizer Media Image allows precise resolution selection, allowing you to set your image WidthxHeight parameters.
  • For all API features, please visit our API doc that describes all options in detail : Imagizer API The easiest way to launch your Imagizer Instance is to visit AWS Marketplace and launch with 1-click from there.